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Film :: Palm Springs Wedding

Last week my mom got scans of over 3000 slides from her childhood. My grandfather was an amazing photographer and I’m actually kind of jealous of her childhood photos! I never met my grandfather but I’ve always known that he loved photography. Sometimes when I shoot weddings I’ll take his 1970’s Pentax film camera and […]

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Film :: Finn

I’m loving my grandfather’s old Pentax camera and have been trying to shoot with it more often! It’s challenging and actually makes me think about what I’m shooting. Is my exposure right, is it in focus (manual focus), did I wind the film? I still look at the back of the camera to see the […]

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Shooting film is fun, challenging and exciting. I love having to wait to see the results. There is so much instant gratification now that sometimes the excitement and anticipation of waiting to get prints is welcomed. I love how when I shoot film I still look at the back of the camera thinking I’m going […]

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