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Photography :: A Hobby or a Business?

While on Facebook the other night I came across a business page for a photographer. Looking through this photographer’s photos, it’s obvious they are just starting out… shooting flowers, friends and Craiglist models. Most images were out of focus, under exposed and to be honest, just as good as snap shots I’ve seen friends take […]

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Killing Fields :: Phnom Penh, Cambodia

I’ve been really bad at blogging my recent trip to Cambodia and Vietnam but I’m determined to at least do a few more posts from the trips. The same day we went to the S21 Prison (please read that post first if you don’t know much about the Cambodian Genocide) we also went to the […]

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WPPI 2012 Shootout :: Walk in the Park

Last year when I went to WPPI, I decided for the following year I wanted to plan a shootout. I knew for it to be the one that is talked about, I would need some major help. The first two people I thought of to help, is my good friend and amazing photographer, Abi of […]

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