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Best of 2015

I can’t believe 2015 is coming to an end! This year has been a challenging year being a single foster mom and running my business. I had 6 kids come into my home throughout the year! Some were with me for months, some for days but there is always an adjustment period with each child. I have decided for 2016 to not take any new children into my home so the kids who are currently with me have more stability and I can focus on getting my business back to where I want it to be. My goals for this coming year are to grow my passion for photography and give my clients photos they can look back at and remember how they felt during the time they were taken. I would also love to shoot more weddings again! I cut way back on weddings because of fostering but I miss it and I’m ready to jump back in! If you know anyone who is getting married, please send them my way! I love traveling so weddings don’t have to be in Southern California. I’ve also really loved to shoot adoptions this past year and would love to expand that to offer shooting international adoptions!

Here are my top 5 most liked Facebook posts, followed by some of my favorites. I hope everyone has a Happy New Year!

Most Liked Photo of 2015 with 279 likes:
“I wasn’t sure if I should share this photo on my business page because it is such a personal image but my friend (baby’s mom) said “Totally. ‘Cause it just shows how important she was and how she touched lives even though she was so tiny.”
Sweet Rosie stayed with us for 8 months. She lived in the hospital her entire life. She was a fighter and she made an impact on this world that some can’t make in a full lifetime. The few times I met Rosie one thing I noticed was how much the nurses cared. Not just in a “this is my job” type of way… it went beyond that. They loved this sweet girl and her family. After she passed away they came to give their condolences and say goodbye. With tears in their eyes they touched her beautiful curls one more time talking to her in soft voices. They smiled as they shared stories about a beautiful little girl with the sweetest smile. Not only did they make a difference for Rosie but I know they brought comfort and peace to Rosie’s mom and dad. Thank you to all the amazing nurses!”

2nd Most Liked with 247 likes:
“Today was a happy day! So glad I could be there to witness it and extra happy I had a camera in front of my face to hide my tears.”

3rd Most Liked with 223 likes:
“This might be my favorite year for Maura’s Minis because Maura’s little sister, Molly, was here! Love her big smiles!”

4th Most Liked with with 219 likes:
“Loved today’s family session!”

5th Most Liked with 154 likes:
“Can’t take credit for the props or cute baby but I did take the photo. smile emoticon Loved today’s 6 month shoot with Brynley!”

Here are some of my favorites!





















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Santa is Coming!

I can’t believe the Santa shoot is only a week away! This is the 5th year I’ve done this shoot and it has grown from a 4 hour shoot to two full days with over 100 families! It is more than photos with Santa, it is an experience! Come have some hot chocolate, decorate cookies and make crafts with Mrs. Claus and enjoy your time with Santa! I still have a few afternoon times left! Email me at asap to book your time!


Some of my favorites from last year:






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Newport Beach Family Photography

My blog needs some major updates! So much has been happening this year and not much has ended up on the blog so I’ll start with this sweet family session I did earlier this year. One thing I love about my job is getting a glimpse into a family’s life. What I learned about this family is that there is a lot of love and two very happy little boys with two parents who love them very much. The boys had a ton of fun playing in the sand and looking for crabs in the tide pools. Here are some favorites…









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