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The Great Wall!

I decided to skip Wednesday for now and share my Thursday! It was an insanely amazing and crazy day! Nothing could have prepared me for the Great Wall. Okay, well maybe if I googled it and spent some time researching the different walls but still, it was nothing I could have imagined. It was so much bigger, so much greater than the picture I had in my head. The part of the wall we went to was a decent hike to say the least. It was 4ish miles of up and down a mountain on a partially restored wall. Some parts were easy, others… not so much! I will do a part two of the wall at some point because it’s super late here and I’m falling asleep but for now, a quick view of my day.

The wall! I can’t believe all of us hiked that! Craziness!

I’m guessing this part hasn’t been restored yet.

Seriously, this wall never ends!


Katie on the wall! She did such an amazing job keeping a positive attitude even on some of the crazy steep parts. We had to walk through 32 towers and when we were around tower 10 Katie kept pointing out where we had to go and how “close” we were. It turns out when you look at a building and it’s only an inch or so big, it’s not very close. =)

The people on the wall are 11 year old students. I figure if they could do it, so could I!


This man was selling those cool hats on the wall.

Look, I’m on the wall and doing the double peace sign! Definitely feeling at home in China. =)

Hannah looking super cute in her beanie that flew over the wall. Sad day.

Yes, that man is literally climbing into the tower. Not quite restored yet at this point!

An amazing site!

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Janet - Those are absolutely amazing photos!!

carrie - such amazing pictures. WOW. i love the cherry blossom trees they are my favorite. can't wait to see more pictures!

Aunt Nancy - More incredible photography of a very interesting place!

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