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Beijing :: The City, A Temple and Village

I’ve gotten a little behind on blogging due to the whole China doesn’t like WordPress thing but I’m determined to catch up!

On Monday, before everyone arrived, Hannah and I headed out to explore the city. One thing that I find crazy is the traffic and the way people get around it. I learned quickly that pedestrians do not have the right away and cars will get within an inch of another car to change lanes or pass. Surprisingly I haven’t seen one accident!

I love this guy on the bike!

This one makes me laugh… it looks like the bikes are going to duel it out. =)

Every town needs a home trendy shop! I love the way this woman climbs out to clean her windows.

On Tuesday, we headed to a Village Bobby (of The Raddest Photo Trip Ever) found about two hours outside of Beijing. On the way we stopped at a very tranquil temple at the top of a hill. I love going to places where there aren’t a ton of tourists. Bobby did an awesome job finding two really cool spots where we really got a feel for China without the crazy tourists. =)

All of the trees look amazing right now. I love this yellow one with part of the temple behind it.


Love the details on the temples… not sure what they mean, but they’re pretty!

We are in China… must give peace sign in all photos!

The little village was so cool! It’s set up for tourists but it hasn’t really been discovered yet.

Loved these puppies! One of them ran after the bus when we left… I was ready to bring one home. (the red on the puppies is paint)

There were a bunch of student artists painting around the village.

I really want to go back to the village and do an engagement shoot… any takers??? There were these super cute walkways to the homes everywhere!

There was corn hanging everywhere. I’m guessing it’s good luck… or they like to dry their corn?

Yep, we went to the highest village, it’s true!


Weird village guy… oh, wait, maybe that’s Bobby setting up the group shot. =)

A few locals. The lady on the left was so sweet showing us her “inn”. You can stay in their village and the accommodations are pretty nice!

Love this shot of Lindsay! She’s so pretty!

Another local working hard

Cherry blossoms were everywhere! We stopped at the side of the road for a quick photoshoot. Hannah shot the trees, I shot her.

Cherishand the blossoms

Bobby feeling dainty =)


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Janet - WOW! WOW! WOW! Amazing shots!

Josh Newton - Wow!! These TOTALLY make me super jealous that y'all are over there without me... this just means we need to have a third RPTE to Africa, right!! Tell everyone hi and that I miss and love them =)

Meg - way to rock the peace signs! you're making asians everywhere proud!

jean - awesome pics richelle!! =)

DeShelia - Awesome shots. Looks like you are having a wonderful time:) Can't wait to see more images.

Aunt Nancy - Another incredible shoot. And your Mom would just die if you brought home another "puppy".! :)

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