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Newport Beach Family Photography

My blog needs some major updates! So much has been happening this year and not much has ended up on the blog so I’ll start with this sweet family session I did earlier this year. One thing I love about my job is getting a glimpse into a family’s life. What I learned about this family is that there is a lot of love and two very happy little boys with two parents who love them very much. The boys had a ton of fun playing in the sand and looking for crabs in the tide pools. Here are some favorites…









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Jackson:: Adoption Day!

Since becoming a foster mom, I’ve met a lot of adoptive families which of course has lead to shooting quite a few adoptions. One thing I’ve noticed is how different they all have been. The emotions, the way the judge handles things and even the cleanliness of the courtrooms. :) Most families have had a long road with a lot of ups and downs, because when you adopt through foster care, that’s the way it works. There is joy for the forever family and there is sadness for the birth family. Overall, adoption day is about the joy. It’s about a child having a safe environment with loving parents and extended family that they will be with forever. The child gets a new name for a new start. For children who come from trauma, adoption day and getting a new name let them start over. It’s a healing day for many kids.

Today, I’m going to share Jackson’s adoption day! Family and friends filled the courtroom and there wasn’t a dry eye. When I looked at all the people in the courtroom all I could see was love for this little boy who is forever theirs. I could see a weight lifted off his parents’ shoulders… no more court dates, no more social worker visits… he is legally their son! Jackson was in foster care for 25 months. To say it was a long road is an understatement. Here are a few of my favorite moments from their day…








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Claire - Beautiful! In every way, beautiful!

Spring Mini Sessions: Coming Soon!

The Spring minis are coming up on March 28th! I am excited to have some of the best trained bunnies ever from TheraPony. This session fills up fast so be sure to contact my office manager, Chantel as soon as possible. You can email her at








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